Ulysses has an in-depth expertise in the areas of information technology and how systems & process can influence business outcomes.  We have a keen understanding of business priorities, genuine team player committed to managing operations, with a proven track record in enhancing customer satisfaction levels resulting in increased on-going service revenues.

Leadership of critical change management initiatives. We have designed implemented sizeable cultural change programmes across diverse groups. Complex organisation and multi-cultural team restructures.

We perform operations reviews to determine the extent to which the organisation is operating Efficiently, Effectively, and Economically. The review considers the Stakeholder Requirements and the procedural Value Chain. Where and as necessary an operations review will include the re-engineering of business processes.

Evaluating new software systems can be a daunting task. Our Business Operations Review is designed to streamline the evaluation process to ensure that each organisation selects the right software and the right business partner. This reduces unnecessary steps and costs that can overwhelm valuable resources within any organisation. In the simplest sense, this is comprises of a series of steps – conducted by Ulysses in conjunction with a customer’s organisation – to systematically determine critical business requirements as they relate to new software systems. These requirements are then translated into selection criteria which are used to evaluate competing systems and implementation partners.

This Is Comprised Of The Following Processes

Operational Review – Identifies key business processes and performance measures to determine if our solutions will support a customer’s objectives, and what impact these new solutions will have on the organisation.

Selection Criteria Definition – A collaborative effort to develop key software selection criteria to aid both the vendor(s) and the customer during the evaluation process.

Implementation Planning – Identifies the vendor’s project team and creates a high-level implementation plan, providing a clear understanding of the costs and steps involved in implementation. The resulting framework enables customers to evaluate all software vendors and competitors against five critical decision criteria:

  • Software Functionality
  • Impact on Organisation
  • Company Expertise and Stability
  • Technology
  • Implementation Methodology

By using a systematic approach to reviewing new software solutions, our customers can expect to make the best choice in new technology solutions, to meet the needs of their organisation today and into the future.

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