Ulysses Solutions Limited is a professional & affordable Website Design, Consulting Solutions & Professional Support company.

We offer everything you will need to get your company or personal website up and running efficiently and effectively.  We consistently deliver creative, responsive web designs and solutions that reflect the personality, needs and vision of our clients.

Our goal is to eliminate the stress of creating and maintaining a website and to provide you, our client, with a high-quality, unique, and professional web design.  Why do you require a website? Click here to find out.

We offer multiple packages to suit your requirements and budget.

Please Note: Complex forms & special site functionalities are quoted as extras, based on your specific requirements.

If you require some tips on working out what you need to keep in mind for your website, the important role of design in your business, and some things to make sure you don’t forget. Read More…

  • UlyssesCE (Basic Content Editor) This is most suited for minimal brochure web sites which require occasional updates.
  • UlyssesCMS (Light Weight CMS) This is most suited for small businesses, schools and clubs which require regular updates.
  • UlyssesCMS+ (Full Featured CMS) This is most suited for medium to large businesses, schools and organisations which required daily updates.

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