ulysses-ceThis basic content editor is most suited for minimal brochure web sites which require occasional updates. The site owners can make minor changes to pre-defined content text blocks configured for them to edit the content blocks but unable to add/delete existing pages.  Requires the developer to make such changes.

Simple design for up to 3 to 5 pages, including a secure contact form with spam security.  Uses flat files text database.

Includes a basic content editor (CE) which has predominantly static pages but some of the content can be edited separately from the page. The web site design and structure is under the developer control but some of the content which is isolated from the main site can be edited by the customer via the CE interface. The standard implementation includes the setting up of the static site infrastructure, the content database files & editor setup.

We implement the CE for you on a compatible web server host and configure the entire system and train you how to manage and administer your site.

Please Note: Complex forms & special site functionalities are quoted as extras, based on your specific requirements.

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  • UlyssesCE (Basic Content Editor) This is most suited for minimal brochure web sites which require occasional updates.
  • UlyssesCMS (Light Weight CMS) This is most suited for small businesses, schools and clubs which require regular updates.
  • UlyssesCMS+ (Full Featured CMS) This is most suited for medium to large businesses, schools and organisations which required daily updates.

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