This page includes an overview of what sitemaps are, why they matter.  We hope you find it useful!

What is a Sitemap?

Sitemaps are XML or html files that list out every single URL on your website, along with important meta data for each URL that includes when it was last updated, how relatively important it is within your website structure and how often you make updates to it.

Why Do Sitemaps Matter?

Sitemaps are a core piece of a website and critical to search engine optimisation – XML sitemaps allows search engines to easily crawl a website and index each page so that it appears in search engine results. HTML sitemaps are also important, and are more geared towards human users – they help your website visitors more easily find the content they’re looking for on your website.

According to Google, there are a few specific reasons a client would benefit from a sitemap:

  • Their website is new with very few backlinks
  • Their website is very large
  • Their website content isn’t well-linked internally, making it difficult to navigate
  • Their website uses a lot of rich-media content